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$45 Fleck DBDs, $5 tank covers

Time for a new thread. Everything I have for sale is right here, and prices on most things have been lowered since the last thread.

First up, new and unused HK KLR, all black, with spare lens. Comes stock with tinted lens, also includes some other kind of tinted lens, not exactly sure what. Not really mirror, but reflects different colors based on the angle. See the third picture.

Price: $80+shipping SOLD

Next, flecktarn DBDs, size small. Great pair of paints, still have a lot of life left after several years of very hard use. Since I've beaten the snot out of these things over and over, they show some wear, which is reflected in the price.

Price: $40 shipped SOLD

The dirt on the knees just isn't coming out.

One of the belt loops gave out, but I repaired it and it's held fine for 2+ years.

The seam between the inner thigh mesh and the back of each pant leg started coming undone, but I also repaired this, and it's held fine in the approximately year and a half since I made the repair.

Both front pockets are having issues, and I have NOT repaired them, because they don't actually impede performance in any way. On the right side, an internal seam is pulling away from where the zipper for the pocket is. This is not visible from the outside, nor does it in any way affect the integrity of the zipper or pocket.

On the left side, it's pulling apart in a similar place, but externally. So this is visible from the outside, but again, doesn't affect the integrity of the zipper or pocket.

Valken Redemption pants "Grey Scar" color scheme, size 3XL. Waist is adjustable from about 42-48", inseam is about 32".

Price: $40+shipping SOLD

NXE pack, 4+3+2, includes pods.

Price: $10+shipping SOLD

GXG stock class harness. Surprisingly good quality. New and unused.

Price: $10+shipping SOLD

Allen marker/gear bag. Really cool, great for a light kit. Has a main pocket for a marker or two, two smaller pockets on one side, and two small zipper pockets in the flap for one of the side pockets.

Price: $10+shipping SOLD

Camelbak reservoir. Used one and thoroughly washed.

Price: $10+shipping SOLD

NXe 72 ci tank covers.

Price: $5+shipping each

Just pay shipping:


Bunch of visors, all JT visors gone, Both Profiler visors gone, just the old VForce one left.

A5 Foregrip

Trades? Stock class WTF gear, Condor MCR3 or MCR4, that's probably about it. Can't hurt to offer something. Paypal or MO. Questions? Post or PM.

Thanks for looking.
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