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I have joined the Revolution !!

First impressions of this CCI marvel.
light !!Just like a phantom should be.
Silent !!This is one of the quietest guns I own.On the other side of the coin without a ball going through it it sounds like a 22!!In a game I can see myself dry firing a few times to scare the crap out of players.
Pump stroke is so smooth and simple !~!
Maintance,unknown yet to have broken it down.
Other observations , Shoots great with the inserts that go in the body(like to see more) and stock barrel.Still was very quiet.It shoot well with my deadly wind with freak inserts.
No auto trigger.This could be a no go for some CCM guys but true pump is one shot and recock right ?
I have yet to play a game with it I currently have a SC feed on it but may go with the hopper till I get it down and may be the first CCI gun I use a hopper on.
The hopper adaptor is made by CCM and is held in by two screws with the great stainless steel inserts that CCI puts in their guns so no stripping threads.
The small finger cocker is larger and surprisenly standable !Mine has the small pump handle on it.I can see myself using it !!
This ain't your mama's phantom it's totally diffrent and will take some getting used too.I will be using straight compressed air no 12ie's for this beast.
My feedback

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