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Cool SOLD TiPX with Extras---Zetamags, Condor, Remote

*** SOLD ***

Our baby is here and formula is expensive! As much as I love it I will need to sell my TiPX.

TiPX Bundle includes the following items pictured below:
1. TiPX (originally black, camo paint job removed, sprayed matte black to clean it up; lanyard loop Dremel'd off; stock internals)
2. 4 Gen 1 Zetamags (includes 4 dust boots, 4 loading rods, instructions)
3. Remote adapter (currently has Guerilla Air PTC fitting installed; will include original quick disconnect fitting with check valve)
4. Remote with quick disconnect
5. Two molle P90 magazine double pouches
6. BT holster
7. TiPX black marker case
8. Ten 10 round tubes (for reloading Zetamags)
9. Condor 241 molle belt (tan, size small, fits waist 30-34)
10. Condor tactical/duty belt (tan, adjustable to size 44, includes 2 magazine pouches)
11. Condor molle holster (olive, fits one 100 round pod or 10 round tubes)

Asking $325 for the entire package which includes PayPal fees and shipping. Will offer a discount for a local sale.
***Will also accept $300 for items #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 which includes PayPal fees and shipping***

Trades: Only entertaining the following items for trade + cash; items must be in like-new condition; you must ship first.
1. Ninja SL 68/4500

The value of all items offered for trade will be considered fairly. Iím not in a rush to sell this package and my goal is to price everything reasonably (I'm not trying to turn a profit). Additional pictures and info available upon request.

Other rules/notes:
-Only accepting cash via PayPal.
-Price includes PayPal fees and shipping.
-Items will be shipped USPS with tracking once payment has been cleared.
-Please post here and send a PM too for the fastest response.
-Feedback eBay and MCB.
-Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking!

Edit 4/28/14: Price change
Edit 5/10/14: Added photo, included remote in the package
Edit 5/25/14: Price change
Edit 6/11/14: Sold
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