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I honestly don't get why people are griping about not getting legendary stuff. I do understand and agree that the drop rates are incredibly low and I definitely see how at Lv.50 one can get frustrated trying to acquire an endgame setup. But those who purchased the Ultimate Vault Hunter packs need to realize is that you outgrow equipment so quickly that the legend gun you just acquired is going to be darn near powerless after a few levels. This is especially true when approaching Lv.70.

I am not bothered at all that I get few legendaries. When I hit level cap (currently at Lv.70 with my Siren) I'll probably start farming for an endgame setup. I'll probably complain about the drop rates then, but I see no reason to get myself worked up about it before level cap. If I'm lacking firepower I just get another Good Touch from Moxxi every couple levels (even then I rarely use it).

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