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Doesn't work for Avratech
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^please take a moment to notice how far back the port in the side of a VSC phantom is. it's way the **** back.... nowhere near the valve chamber (pressure in a phantom valve body *always* enters through the back, via a .200" diameter hole, regardless of which phantom valve body it is)

just wanted to make sure that was clear. CCI valve design is fairly good. though not as good as having a magic nipple and preventing any liquid being fired off... but better than most. Grey ghost has much more chamber volume and the pressure also enters from the rear, so it's a tad better than CCI (hence why most people see higher efficiency numbers off a ghost compared to a phantom, both in VSC).

cool factoid, grey ghost valve body drops right onto a Retro, if you ever wanted to compare the two on the same platform. course you'd be powering the valve via the side port, not the frame transfer port... guess which one is more efficient.

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