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furthermore, my now slightly intoxicated sentiments for the day: I think the real purpose of this thread is just to annoy me and RNS so much that we are forced to make better valves as soon as possible. at least that's how I feel. all the crazy talk in this thread is driving me bonkers... thermodynamics calculations, installing electrical heaters in our guns, more scientific mumbo jumbo and endless jargons... kill me now. I will have to make some valve parts immediately as well, and deliver various testing results which surpass most expectations (and possibly meet mine)

edit: also I will counter with some thermodynamics sciencing of my own: if you want to transfer more heat to the valve somehow without moving parts, liquid systems or ELECTRIC systems, just install a bunch of heat pipes inside the gun to channel ambient thermal energy from the aluminum grip frame and other large aluminum portions. or to the 12 gram or whatever. heat pipes. they rock. i guess you can't transfer to the cartridge since there is no adequate thermal interface which would have a reasonable contact with a removable cylinder... that's just the way it is. air is a ****ty conductor, and even metal on metal contact is quite restrictive, I've had years and years of practical hobby and industry experience in thermal interfaces and that's just how it is. (edit: heatpipes are a terrible and useless idea. whatever)

speaking of which, now that I'm on an educated and experienced technical rant: metal conductivity for those who were interested. copper is something like 50% more conductive than aluminum but it has much LESS thermal capacity... thermal capacity rocks, btw. it's how much thermal energy can be stored in the material, and aluminum is actually the BEST for ambient thermal energy supply. comparatively, steel is TEN times less conductive than aluminum, and stainless is three times worse than that... 30 times less conductive than aluminum. or maybe it was compared to copper. I'd double check that if I cared but the figures are quite big.

when it comes to thermal conductivity between metals: it sucks. unless you use a thermal interface material, like thermal paste or liquid metal compound. not effective in this case, unless you wanted to try the heatpipes thing, but I don't see how it would actually do anything productive. not to mention, heat pipes are only as good as their fill... the fluid inside a heatpipe needs to be selected for the correct temperature "jump" to work optimally.

In conclusion, this post is utterly pointless I'm afraid. but I typed it anyways and I wont even bother deleting it this time

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