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Hahahahaha, at the rate Tiberius goes, I'm sure I have plenty of time. Never did get any real testing done with 12ies, just decided to stick with remote since it offers a lot of advantages in my mind, particularly with the temperate weather here in jersey. It can be 100+ and humid in the summer, then easily down to single digits in the winter and I'd prefer this gun to function well in any of those conditions. Even the best CO2 markers start to see issues in the cold, and I don't want to have to shelve my pistol for the winter/fall months.

I'm fairly confident the eNMEy engine could be tuned to work pretty well with 12 grams, but I think you'd need to do a bit of re-plumbing to reduce pre-regulator and pre-firing chamber volume to save some more gas. In a low-pressure CO2 setup, volume is good inside of the firing can, but I think the volume between the reg and the firing can and the volume in the macroline before the reg contributes to poor efficiency. I'm also not sure how well or how long the reg would hold up to getting any kind of liquid CO2 into it because it uses grease as a lubricant and I would expect that grease to start freezing and causing the regulator piston to stick.
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