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Arrow CP Remote, Angel Breech Knob, Anti-siphon

Just wanted to consolidate my miscellaneous BST threads.

1.) CP Remote. Outstanding condition 9.5/10. Hasn't ever seen a game of action.

$42 Shipped (CON-US)

2.) CP Angel Breech Knob. Gloss Black. Brand new, but has some very tiny flaws from the factory. Still a 9 out of 10.

$8 Shipped (CON-US)

3.) Gloss Black Automag HL/HR twistlock freak back. Freak jewels were removed so that it could be used in a minimag body, but the jewels will be included. Comes with a plastic detent and o-rings installed as shown in pics below. There is typical wear around the twistlock pin channels, otherwise the most noteworthy blemish is some long (but very light) markings along the side of the barrel near the sizer view window (see second picture below). I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

$43 Shipped SOLD

4.) 2X Anti-siphon (or siphon!) kits for CO2 tanks. I bought these at least 13 years ago and never got around to using them.

Selling as a pair at $7 Shipped (CON-US)

Please post here first and then PM

Thanks everyone!

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