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I've got a Sniper with only a few games on it available for trade.

full size

It's the marker on top. Still have the original box and all that was packed in it. The blue tape on the reg is from where I mounted a Q-Loader (worth trying but not as good as a Rotor). I'm going to be in Michigan next week so we would avoid international shipping if interested.
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Permanent collection (no plans to trade or sell): DRV, mech Ion
Current playable markers (These all get played with but I'd be willing to trade or sell for the right offer): Springfed Automag, Empire Resurrection, Bob Long Vice, Ego 7, Inception Sniper, TiPX, X7 Phenom, SP-1, 3357
Traded or sold: DM10, Orracle, Black Magic, PGP, Empire Sniper, Kaos Pump, Diablo, PMR 7, 2012 Rail
Wish List: Gargoyle, Karni, Phantom, Ego 3.5, Shocker SFT, Duck, Karta Mag, Reptile VIS, Luxe, Nasty Typhoon, CCM MBP... the list just goes on and on...
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