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Okay... I just got a glasses, holy **** what a difference. I can see things farther so much more clearer and actually can see where paintballs are going instead seeing where they splats then adjust haha.

I just picked up Virtue Vio before I found out that I needed glasses. Luckily me, the glasses fit in the virtue vio little tight and comfortably. My question is what do you make that experience better?

-Get the strap for the glasses to make it to stay there?
-Wear sandana or clip to hold the glasses tight against my head?

Any tricks, tips, ideas, and hints will be really helpful

Get contacts! I know this isn't the best option for everyone, but even without insurance, you can get into contacts for about $100-150 for a years worth of contacts if you do it right. I have been wearing bi-focals since I was 12 and two years ago decided that wearing glasses was making my active life miserable (glass don't fit well under anything, hockey helmet, paintball mask, etc) and I am not about to stop being active.

If glasses are a must, the eVent/eFlex option is the best IMO. I have a large head and these masks have the most space for glass wearers, plus all the other inherit positives that come with these masks.
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I say to you with love in my heart... your a whore.
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i like the zipper... pullover's hurt when i take them off. I gel my hair everyday so when I pull it off it snags on my hair and hurts.
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