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G6R Lpr Issue

Hi guys,
So yesterday in the mail I received a new lpr black housing piece which holds the shreader and the piston (not to be confused with the exterior housing). This piece was the 2012 version, and I have a 2011 g6r, but I was told they were interchangeable. So I put in my shreader, my piston, closed up the lpr, and put orings on the exterior, where it need the 3 orings. Turns out the piston is stuck. It will not budge no matter what I do. It is like as if I superglued it to the black housing, although it was perfectly clean and brand new. So now my gun won't shoot, I can't get the piston out, and even when I air it up, it stays at zero and then shoots up to 150+ psi. I don't know what to do, and I contacting BLAST asking for these new parts since i have a tournament on saturday and this is my only marker. Let me know if you guys have any ideas.
Thanks, Josh
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