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Originally Posted by philosophia View Post
Did you order from Amazon or something? I've never seen good packaging from Amazon.

Anyways, I suppose if everything works that's all that matters, right?
Yes, from Amazon. My bank has Newegg and Tigerdirect blacklisted as "fraudulent" companies (WTF?) and won't do business with them. Didn't really know where else to go..

Now.. Up until today I've never had issues with Amazon's packaging. Other items and PC components have always shown up in good condition with excellent packaging, in their original boxes. These two items however, did not. The power supply I got with them was fine though. Oh.. and the Seagate hard drive showed up in a generic western digital box.. go figure.

I've already sent an email to Amazon about it. I'm not even going to attempt installing these. Edit.. Well that was quick. Already got a refund.

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