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Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
Haha, my cousin and I had woodblocks carved into rifle stocks that we played with.
Before I started playing in 87, we played war using those plastic replicas that shot sparks out the barrel. They looked almost exactly like an M16 and AK47.

Those were the "high end" guns, not everyone could afford. So most of us had to use the cheap cap guns that fired the paper caps, and sometimes the clips.

Those were great times. Armynavy stores were always well stocked with cheap gear. We also tried lazertag/photon... and that was OK... but it was more expensive.

I remember around 1992 or so, ToysRUs released a battery operated gatling "cap gun". I bought one for the sake of nostolgia of the 80s. Wish I still had it, since they are valuable on ebay

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