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SOLD: Full Clip USA Rigs, Pants, Pouches, and More Gear

Free shipping CONUS for purchases of $15+
International buyers pay for additional shipping costs
Shipping will be via USPS w/ DC#
Paypal & MO accepted
Open to trades

As always, prices are OBO. More pictures can be found HERE!

Full Clip USA Gen1 Rig - $100 - SOLD

This is the 'other' combo rig. Front from an LMAV and back from a Rack Rig. In excellent condition with some staining. Unmatched quality as goes for all Full Clip products.

Gen1 Large GP - $20 - SOLD
Extenders - $15 for both - SOLD
Headband - $15 - SOLD

All are Full Clip and all are in excellent condition.

Any questions, just ask. Thanks for looking.

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