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its not its a half degree. but chairgun doesnt allow half degrees. so this is every two clicks. im sure like i said that with some sort of pattern recognition you could find the half values. yes i completely agree that in my opinion past 8 degree at that zero is pretty much worthless. heres whats confusing me. from what ive seen on other charts from uv halo and others that 90 or so yards takes approx 4 seconds of flight time. theres a time column here and it doesnt depict that. i feel certain im reading it wrong or that estimation is wrong. and that individuals like halo are correct. in my case the extreme long range shooting doesnt fit my play style. so id say im only interested in out to maybe 80 yards maybe a little less. i think this is pretty cool though. that is of course if this information is accurate. keep the comments coming guys . if im using chairgun incorrectly or anything let me know. i feel this could be a valuable contribution if we can make sure all the data is confirmed.
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