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thank you didnt have that in front of me. ok so its looking pretty good. as you can see click value degrades over time as you shed velocity. its interesting to see the riser in data form. kinda shows you whats useless and what becomes useless. also it it clues you in that the mildots in a scope are somewhat pointless to a degree. so if 1 mil is 1/60 of a degree and you see how little a full degree actually means for us, than 1/60 means considerably little. not saying completely useless im sure when shooting up or down an incline you use it to an extent. plus mildots are usefull for range estimation which is what i use them for. im currently looking for some pattern recognition software id like to be able to figure out not only what the half sizes equate to in poi but also what your mils would equal.

i completely forgot to input all the data i plugged in to come up with this. so i think i stated some of this already but here goes
velocity:280 fps
zero: 20 yards
weight 48 grains (its actually 3.11 grams average but converted to grains is 47.994 which chairgun rounds up to the nearest whole so 48)
BC: 0.0162 of course
i listed it for showing out to a maximum of 100 yards
scope height: 2 inches above bore (i need to measure this for exact numbers but i dont think it will alter this data plot, i estimated based on the tiberious riser being approx 1 inch and the scope rings being 1 inch.)

that should be everything you need to plug in then just go to toolbox and click maximum range, make sure you set it to show units of 1 degree, it will be set at 5 default
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