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Originally Posted by Christian p View Post
Where do we post threads of our builds? I'd like to post what's wrong with the Thumper.

Also, I'm counting shipping costs as a "mod" to keep it under the $65 price. USPS charged $17.30 for shipping priority so it went over $65 to get it to me, but I paid $57.70 for the marker since the total was $75 delivered.


We just got the MBoB Forum back up and we are in the middle of cleaning it up from Spammers. After the first week in June, we will have the entry fee details and the posting details on here for everyone to utilize.

As for the cost...Well, rules say that the marker can't go over $65 in acquisition value. Although the rules say nothing about shipping costs being considered in the value. So, it could be argued for this contest that the value of <$65 be the marker itself. To be honest, this is a loop hole that we did not consider when writing up the rules.

What do you think?

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