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Originally Posted by Badger View Post
Ah. I see now. It won't work.
I didn't know that FS had recessed space on the back.
Fubarius had a interesting design. Has there been any further development?
Work had to be halted due to a lack of material. It was a for fun side project at work, using up some old scrap 3/4" thick HDPE plastic we had for another job, and I completely ran out of the stuff. I looked into picking up more on my own, but the cost was a bit excessive (a couple hundred bucks a sheet at least).

The good news is that a recent job needed that exact material and I have a bunch of scrap stashed away to continue my little experiment. Unfortunately we're really busy, and the boss frowns on non-pay work interrupting pay jobs. If we slow down again I'll see if I can whip up a few more functional variations.

The big flaw in the posted version was the loading port. The darn spring wanted to shoot out of it with a full load. I either have to come up with some sort of flap to close it off (kind of hard with my available setup at work), or just remove the loading port and load it some other way. Maybe just mount it to a Model98 (with D shaped feed port) and just hinge the feed down to load after locking the spring forward.

It really was just a proof of concept, to see if the rounds could rotate around a corner. That they do. It was just all the other little details of making a magazine that hung me up. I was hoping that someone else would get inspired and run with the idea.
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