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Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
See the problem is that empty plastic shells are available for purchase by anyone and as we all know you are not limited to only shooting "paint" if you wish to be a .

As are nylon, rubber, "scented", oil based(for actual tree marking), powder filled and a certain companies "GOLF" balls. None of these especially the plastic that could be filled with anything some could get his hands on are suitable for "play" or recreation and are not "restricted" per se.

That scares me more than some capsaicin powder at one particular wallyworld.
No worries then, Those empty plastic shells are crap, I just got done sending back a 1000 of them, because their new design is flawed and makes them almost imposable to fill and seal with anything.

My review was as follows: The quality of these new shells is no good, the 2 half's fit together sloppily that allows movement between the two half's when joined.
The male half's insert is next to nothing and dose not allow for a secure fit and or room for sealing.
The female half is to large and has a edge that protrudes that can be really felt after ball is joined.
When measuring the ball after joined with caliber, from top to bottom it is .683 all good, how ever when measured along the seem it ranges from .685 to .692 which is way to large for most 68 cal. markers.
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