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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
That's a beautiful rifle man I'm chomping at the bit waiting for mine. I have had so much fun playing big games with a fs Traccer breach fed I KNEW that the SR1 is for me.
Thanks. It has taken me almost two years to get the rifle exactly the way I wanted it. That's the beauty of the SR1; it can be whatever you want it to be. Some players keep them quick and light so they can shoot and move. I, on the other hand, built mine for shooting out of the prone position. It is big and heavy but it is rock steady for really long-range shots off the bipod. The Cold Shot adjustable rail is letting me build my own first strike ballistic figures using minutes of angle. It makes for a very precise way of shooting.

The other thing I am doing is working to learn the effect of various wind velocities on first strikes. It is a real eye opener how much wind effects the rounds at longer ranges and how important it is to know exactly how fast the wind is blowing. For example, I have found that at 70 yards a 3 MPH wind blowing across the field can move a first strike round 21-24 inches. A 5 MPH wind moves that same round about 36" at that range. Misjudging the wind can result in a clear miss. Any kind of wind at distances of 80 yards and beyond is a very ugly situation.
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