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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
In my opinion, there is nothing more dangerous than pointing a gun-lookalike at someone.

This product is bad for home defense, bad for paintball, and RAP4 is a heartless piece of crap company for selling it.

As a civilian you are not the police. You do not have the duties the police have. If you are in a situation that creates the need (and legal allowance) to escalate to the use of a "less-lethal" weapon you are in a situation that creates the need for (and legal allowance) lethal force. You are, frankly, in a situation where you believe not taking action is going to result in severe bodily harm or death to you or others. The way you survive such situations is by being willing to create more damage to your attacker while sustaining more damage than he or she is willing to inflict on you or sustain from you.

These half-way solutions are really no solution at all. These types of options are available to the police force because they have different duties than the normal civilian. In certain police situations use of less-lethal options may be called for and justified while not raising the threat to the officers into unreasonable levels. This is not so in the civilian world. These half-way solutions are likely to result in the defender being seriously injured or killed because of a lack of resolve to take meaningful and overwhelming force against the attacker.

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