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Wow the evolution of the thread. This started from a store's bad display practices which may lead to the likely misuse of a product to hurt someone and the sport. Now it's a debate on the ethical (almost religious) aspects of what justifies deadly force...

My 2 cents:

I use rubber rounds to control wasp nest and other pest around the hose. Those rounds never get pointed at a person, nor do they leave the house. They are not really the same as LTL but they are not paintballs either and I have found a use for them. I would like to see any "Less than lethal defense rounds" sold in the same manner and care as real handgun ammunition (since shotgun amo is a bit to relaxed IMHO). I realize that that is an unlikely expectation as is the hope that stupid people will not misuse these LTL rounds. If you choose to use these LTL rounds good luck and please use it for its intended use.
I'm retired military, a CCH permit holder and a firm believer in the 2nd amendment. I hope and pray that I'll never have to shoot anyone in self defense or the defense of my family. However if you break into my house while I'm home: 1. I will not ask what your intentions are. 2. LTL rounds will not be in my 1911. 3. If I shoot or not depends on the situation that intruder chose to put me in.

Again just my 2 cents on a thread I will not read or comment on again.
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