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Originally Posted by Caboosanaitor View Post
I've just decided that I don't want to use a 13/3k after all, I have used it on a friends pump and I do not like the feel and will not be getting one. I used to make things like this when I was in highschool and sell them, I got very creative but it takes a lot of time to get the materials and whatnot, but college just doesn't give me the time anymore.
No probs, I just offer options

Good for ya to be creative, more people shoud be too.

My time in this is minimal, runs once a year and this part is a 2 men operation. I am contracting the main build from one of my friend and I only have to finish assembly wich I found a way to only takes a few minutes a pieces. Reason I need 10 is there is a 20$ in gaz driving around taking tanks from my local shop and to my friend for building.

If I were to do the build before 10, there would be a small increase in price wich im trying to avoid.

Originally Posted by Raincity View Post
Is there still another available? I'll take one if so.
Im just taking the interested people name, order start at 10 unit wich im at 7 currently.
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