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Parent too.

As a parent of two boys, 10 and 12, I know the feeling of my boys playing paintball. They have expressed quite a bit of interest lately about actually playing the game. Previously it was just shooting targets in the backyard. They have the advantage of me guiding them through the beginning. Both of my boys are into sports, hockey (imagine in Canada), baseball, intramurals (sports at school), in all of their sports I coach. So I am very involved in their sports and lives. I think as a parent of a child wanting to start I think they should be looking for parents like us to help. Any parent reading these posts would know about this site, and get an idea of our character. Several of my sons friends want to play with us. I think it is great, I have brought several of their friends out with us and done a safety course with them just like when I ran my field. But the best part I make one of their parents come with us. Yes dependable equipment is a must, excellent eye protection, etc, etc. But I think what I am getting at is find a sound character, as is found here, and have them walk you through everything. Experience cannot be substituted for anything.
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