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Originally Posted by ljpiller View Post
Nice! What length barrel is that?

I think that's about exactly how I would order mine.
I ordered an RF Oak everything stock except the 45 grip frame. The barrel is 10" unvented with Wedgits. It appears to be standard not deep Wedgits since some .679ish paint I have would roll out with a slight shake.

Thanks guys for the compliments. I'm really looking forward to getting some air on her and run her through her paces. First there will be the Chrono/Shooting range testing in out of the box form [hopefully this Thursday afternoon] with appropriate reporting of results. Then I'll spend some time getting her configured for me and my playing style for use in a big scenario at Camp Blanding. I plan on getting her in the hands of some friends and teammates too and get their impressions. Then I'll write up another review. This is the first time I've ever bought a paintgun site unseen or one I had not at least tried out before the purchase.

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