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HPA pin valve leaking - any quick fixes?

I had my 88/4500 and 48/3000 Pure Energy HPA tanks filled last week. I looked at them today and the 88/4500 was down to about 1000 psi and the 48/3000 was at ~800 psi without having been used at all since being filled to near capacity. I did notice that the pin valve on the 88/4500 sounded as if it had a slight leak, so I moved it with my finger to the side and it stopped. I'm assuming that the other one has the same issue. Both are used tanks. Any fixes that I can do without having to have someone tear into the tanks or send them back to PMI? The local shop has replaced the fill nipple on the 88/4500 twice as it was leaking, but supposedly it was fixed after I put the o-ring back to where it was supposed to be in the nipple and the tech (loose usage of the term here) replaced it back on the tank. This was the first time I had the 48/3000 filled since I got it. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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