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Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
2 - ... The only exception to this rule is for steel tanks stamped 3HT, which must be tested every 3 years and have a 24 year lifespan...
I have a 3HT tank from Nitroduck which Hell Survivors have refused to fill at their store and field, so I have been researching this.

With the reorganization of the DOT codes I serached again and found this.

The HMR (Hzardous Material Regulations) provides that a DOT-3HT specification cylinder is authorized for aircraft use only...

For reasons of safety, it is at the discretion of an authorized retester whether it will accept a cylinder for requalification and perform a hydrostatic retest on the cylinder. We do not recommend retest of such cylinders that are used in unauthorized cylinder service, and suggests that you inform your customers.
So that's not a no for paintball use as such, but it puts the responsibility down on to the hydrotester.
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