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Lee Kinney aka "Punisher" Feedback

Ok guys, this thread is for people who actually have guns and or Cash tied up with Punisher. Only people who have such business are allowed to post in this thread. I am cleaning up this thread and if I delete a post of yours and you have a legitimate feedback post, please repost it.

Heres a few guide lines to post in here

1 post is all you need to post, post your exact project and/or gun, what was supposed to be done to it, and how long he has had it. List all specifics, such as last communication, etc. IF and thats a big if, you get something returned/done, please post that.

No Discussions! period. If you have not posted your business with him, and post something, it will be deleted, PERIOD. I will leave the new contact info up for everyone. Discussion thread located here: A note to anyone who currently has buisness with Lee "Punisher" Kinney

If you want to get a posse together for possible legal action, start a thread about that, keep it simple and business like, not just a bashing thread. Bashing threads only make you look worse, the feedback thread is for posting your situation and your displeasure. In otherwords, "No Flame Fest" threads..................

P.S. I was editing the original and realized it would take way too long. The original thread is saved in a safe place. It may be reposted after sometime and cleaning.....

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