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I have been calling it "PMI Project" with Punisher.

I sent him this in October 2006
(1) PMI-1 DF that had a PPS Performance Valve, and Ultra Bolt work done to it.
(1) CCM 86* Trigger frame
(1) CCM Pump kit
(1) WGP complet pnumatic front block
$250.00 in cash

Work to be done:
Gas-thru trigger frame
Cocker detent
Reconfigure to accept 2000+ pump kit
Longer RVA for the CCM Trigger frame

The communication has been limited in the last year. However, based on his post on the Phog, I emailed him, and got this response.

"Hi Jake,
I'm sorry man it's been way too long. I'm working as much as I can butonly get a few hours a night now that I have a day job (and that sillygirl that keep hanging around). I'm not at the shop at the moment but IIFC all the solder work is done andthere's some lathe time needed and I think we're close to plating butfrankly I can't remember what I had for lunch so don't quote me. I'll get it back underway as soon as humanly possible and I'll try andhave a little something extra for your patience.

Thanks man,
"In M. Carter Brown we Trust"

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