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pretty good stuff guys - until the spooge/squeegee paradox

Just to throw a wrinkle at yall :

Case #1) I cock my sniper II w/ 12" kaner reg'ed at 400psi and hold the pump handle and it fires well.

Case #2) I cock the same marker, same barrel and hold the reg, and fire, and the balls always go more true, speed up 4-6fps, and much less loud.

Ive always attibuted this characteristic in case#2 to the peak pressure being lower, deforming the ball less during initial accelleration - thus lowering initial ball to barrel friction, and having a more round ball to accellerate.

Ive been using this technique for 13 years, and with more than 12 different sni2s and it always holds true.

oh, and im currently digging the olderstyle kaner w/ 12" tips as my favorite kit for my sni2's. Ironically my 1993 unported 8" stock wgp barrel rocks on my '93 cocker regg'ed @ 500psi. ball on ball insanity. I guess this backs the 8"-10" theory.
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