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Cool To help Painthappy......

Kingman was one the second marker i had.
It was a red spyder shutter, nice gun had alot of fun with it.
Sold it to my cousin for 60 bucks to help him get into the sport.
But...i still have the Third gun, also a kingman. The old reliable TL+, great gun, still shoots like a champ, and never fails me.

when i tak eit out for a run around i still run it like:

All stock parts, bottomline, Gas through, beavertail...everything.
Except a 17 inch TASO Stone Cold II, ungainly long but still cool
and the old 12 ounce PMI tank.
with the pre Be 9 volt revvie

god thats such a fun gun....i think Im going to ahve to play with it really soon now.........
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