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Project Mayhem

Among a few other things I have collected and really didn't need, is my recently purchased PGI Mayhem EC. Originally I had plans to mount an AGD Intelliframe on this rare piece and replace the board with something along the lines of an ICD BKO stock board.

It feels like a pretty simple project, but not a really cheap one. I'm kind of torn between just fixing her up, going thru with the mods or selling the beast! Sugestions?

Info on this Mayhem - I recently picked it up on eBay. When it arrived on my door it was a mess. I spent about 5 hours cleaning it up, replacing some of the seals and lubing it. Now it is clean as a whistle, and shoots great. I spent some time over lunch on Friday ordering new fasteners for the majority of the gun. The top screw, piston plate and rear cap will all have their screws replaced by new SS equivalents. This model is a V2, meaning it will accept Angel feednecks and Cocker barrels.

Here is the gun as it appeared on eBay...

I'll post "after" pictures once I get all those new fasteners, so you can see how well she's cleaned up...
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