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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
We have theorized that rifiling goes nothing, but then had much anecdotal evidence that internal rifling of Armson and J&J barrels really worked.
Those barrels do not function better than a normal barrel, and often lead to barrel breaks. Its not like its all that hard to rifle a barrel, theres a reason no one does it.

You have to be a philosopher come up with a hypothesis, and then figure out a way that you might be able to prove it one way or another.. both things require simply thinking before a true experiment is done.

I think that PPS guns work better with the pump held forward because of valve design. WGP didnt exactly spend alot of time making their guns work as good as possible..the not holding the pump thing just happens to be like that.

GP on the other hand did spend time on his design, and he made it work correctly.

And thats all philosophy and now if someone cares we can test it. (send me all your houndstooths)
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