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New Paintball Pistol Holsters F/S

100% made in the USA

Holster for paintball pistols. Strap to hold gun down and protect cocking bolt.Fits over any belt. PGP not included, just used for size comparison.

Will fit: PGP, PG, DD68 Redux, Duckslide, Splatmasters, PT Extremes, Tiberius Pistols, Tippmann TPX, and the list goes on.

L&R in stock

Sale Price: $15 shipped

Questions please ask.

Thank You!

EDIT (by CJ) - photo of DD68 Redux in the holster:

Dealer for APP, CCI, Nelson, Leland, Valken, Tippmann, & Procaps.

Please donate to make a difference in my fathers life
Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
Buy a Celanis Paintball Patch for a good cause

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