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Quick update to move this to the top.

I have the following tubing in stock:

Feed Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .028 wall (.756 ID) = $10 per foot ($0.83 per inch).0212 lb/in - .2549 lb/ft
Notes: This tubing is slightly (.006") larger ID than original Sheridan feedtube

Barrel Tube - 13/16 (.812) OD x .062 wall (.688 ID) = $18 per foot ($1.50 per inch).045 lb/in - .54 lb/ft

Sheridan Valve Tube - 7/8 (.875) OD x .050 wall (.775 ID) = $20 per foot ($1.67 per inch).0399 lb/in - .479 lb/ft

Thin Wall Barrel Tube - 3/4 (.750) OD x .032 wall (.686 ID) = $12 per foot ($1.00 per inch).0216 lb/in - .2588 lb/ft
Notes: I do NOT recommend using this as an unprotected barrel, as it is VERY thin walled, and will dent very easily. I am using my piece to make a couple of custom Nova barrels.

Speciality tube
================================================== ============
Reeded Barrel - 3/4 (.750) OD x .032 wall (.686 ID) $18 per foot ($1.50 per inch).0216 lb/in - .2588 lb/ft
Notes: The reeded tube has 22 lands. There is a very slight twist to it.

Direct Feed Tube - 7/8 (.875) OD x .062 wall (.750 ID) $20 per foot ($1.67 per inch).0491 lb/in - .5897 lb/ft

Barrel Adaptor Tube - 1 (1.00) OD x .093 wall (.814 ID) = $40 per foot ($3.33 per inch).0816 lb/in - .9795 lb/ft
Notes: This tube will allow you to create a 1" OD adaptor from the standard Barrel tube. This could be machined to create an Automag twistlock, or threaded to create an Autococker barrel. The final machining is up to the user. I *might* offer the machining services at a later date, but that will be determined... later

I will be offering valve tube tapping services in the next month or so. Price will be determined shortly.

I will be offering solder on direct feeds, made from the .875 OD x .062 (.750 ID) tubing. These will be the variety that solder on to form a T joint. I will post pictures in the next week or so.

If anyone has any specific requests, please feel free to post them, and I will consider making the required part. Please do not be offended if I send you to someone else to have said item made in a more timely fashion.


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Brass Freak, Freak XL compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .678, and .685 (As I no longer have access to the machine to make certain sizes, I will not be replacing any which go out of stock.)

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

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