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It's Alive!


*Cue Darth Vader's Theme*

*Cross fade Agent Smith's maniacal laughter from the climactic fight scene in the last Matrix movie*
Call it PTX Evolutions if you Dare. . .

But first, the exposition:
I purchased my first (of three) PTX in Montreal from PBL action sports. It was my first STBB and it gave me fits trying to keep the leaks plugged and the velocity playable. I found the SASE (nightmare54boardforumthingy), I tinkered, I cursed. I bought another and tinkered and cursed some more. I hacked on my firstborn and lo. . .I plugged the leaks. And running liquid CO2 from a vertical syphon tank I could get into the 270s on a good day.

And I dubbed it the Franken PT. It was still holsterable. It got its share of eliminations. But it still had all of the PTX's undesirable traits. It chopped (due to the recock gasses venting directly up the feed port, compressing the ball stack and either smashing the ball on the rebound or slicing it in half if trigger speed exceeded 4-5bps). Oh, and cup seal failures galore.

I also volunteered to be the Moderator at the SASE that HaveBlue hosts on (which is currently unavailable along with a lot of other premium sites). But I digress. Being the moderator, I am somewhat obliged to venture into uncharted territory.

I had a Fatty and a Rock, a Mac and a Morlock, just lying around. My Rainmaker transmogrified into a Q-loader (5 pods, 2 different sockets plus the reloading getup) and some parts for my someday to be released Pneumag bull pup thingy (but that's an entirely different thread).

What to do, what to do, what to do?

My mission was clear. I HAD to make the worlds first Spimmy out of a PTX .

It lives, for now, on life support. . . Stay tuned.
No time for love Doctor Jones!
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