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Originally Posted by AirAssault View Post
Just picked up a Viking and was wondering what I should do with it internally/board wise.
Any suggestions you may have will be cool. I don't play a lot because I work so much but when I do I like to throw a LOT of paint to give you an idea of my playing style.
I hear you on working too much to get to play very often. I would honestly NOT mill and/or re-anno, as the AKA anno is Type 3 (very tough) and is certainly not something you run into every day.

Now I know your question was what to do to it internally. It is true that the Robtown valves are gone, but many, many people play with and love their Vikings with the stock valve (which is certainly no slouch in its own right.) So I'd have to agree with Cunha:

Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
You dont need to do anything to that. SCM may or may not improve performance so i would stick with the internal LPR

Tadao board is nice but again it will not add anything except cost to the gun.

Keep her oiled, keep a good battery in there, and feed her good paint. Nothing else is necessary.

'Nuff said.
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