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Originally Posted by fastev View Post

Shamless plug-- If you want to go to a game, the hockey club at my work is selling tickets for the Sunday, 3/16 game against the Oilers. If we sell 200 tickets we get some ice time at the Tank before the game, $41 or $34 per seat...
Sweet... I am always down to go support the Teal! I sent you a PM.

Originally Posted by Shocker2k View Post
Exactly, hockey fan is better than nothing! Might have to show up with some of my Avs stuff at SPE if you are there this year :P. All I can say is at least your not a Wings fan lol. I was really surprised to see that game last week, didnt think that they would dominate like they did. Sharks have a very nice team this year. Since you are a hockey fan you should make a pump handle thats a hockey puck, would be something different and not completely uncomfortable .

Ok you roll your gear, we'll roll ours and see who prevails! We could throw down @ the 50!! I have thought about a puck pump handle, but I didn't think there would be too much demand for it. I want to find a sick, sick teal ano for a S6 with silver and black accents ( I don't like the gold in the new logo all that much) and then enrave the SJ logo on the side. How sweet would that be??
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