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Camera Advice


If you are going to flame me for not using the search engine I will tell you were to go. You have been warned I understand it seems like there are many generic "camera advice" threads but everyone is different and there is no need for necro threads or hijacking threads.

Back to my more or less happy face. I am looking for a new digital camera. My Sony Cyber shot seems to make due but I did not like some of the pictures I have been taking lately with the camera. I had an older Cybershot (F-717) which seem to have kicked the bucket for what ever reason.( It powers up but black. I think the CCD sensor failed.) Nice camera in which I was so happy with, I wanted a Point and Shoot model for the times I didn't want to lug the F-717 around. I got a Cybershot W7. P&S are great for those quick reaction moments and compact size. However I am just not impressed with the camera right now. It requires alot of light to get the picture right.

So I am thinking about getting a new camera with a few bucks I can scrape up around the house. I am tending not to go down the Sony route this time. I was thinking about going with a Canon brand. However I do not know which one. You have the Powershot line and EOS line. I know the Powershot line is your P&S type camera. The Rebel is kind of the pro-sumer type. For the hardcore photographer, the EOS "D" Cameras are Professional. So I do have some knowledge here.

What are the recommendations for a Canon brand camera. Which line and model? As for the budget it depends on what that item is. If the camera model is a good buy and worth the money paid, I have no problem paying a few extra dollars. Like "yeah the Rebel series is a great camera and it cost $6XX..."

Wait there is more....

Not only I am looking at getting a Canon but I would look at getting a Nikon. Why? My wife has a 35 MM Nikon I bought for her a few years back. She has a couple of extra lens for it. I thought about keeping it simple you know. However it could be a pain if we needed the same lens at the same time.

So I have a few options here. I am up in the air about both. Please state if you own one of the two brands. Which model. Ease of use. Likes and dislikes and so forth. You get the picture. I know there are a number of photographers in here. I know people are pretty loyal to different brands. That's cool. I just want some advice before I run out and buy something. I know of a photo shops in the area in which I could also go to.

Thanks for the advice,
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