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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
Based on the opinion of a certain former member who left here in shame and ridicule for being an asshat.... I'm not qualified to make recomendations on digi-cams......

That being said... Noah if you are reading this.. well off.

My wife got a canon elf for christmas.. not sure which model but it was no more than 265-280 new. It's a great little point and shoot with a ton of commands, menus, buttons, etc... and even takes pretty good quailty videos(for a small point and shoot the size of a pack of smokes).

The Nikon SLR are neat.... but to me they are way to expensive.

I own a Konika-Minolat D5... it's a couple of years old and is about 100% compatable with all my Minolta 35mm SLR lense that I own.. it's about 90% backwards compatable with all Minolta Maxxum AF lenses that were produced. The Sony Alpha is the newest version of the KM D5 and seems to be a very nice camera also.

Another one I was eyeballing for myself as a secondary camera was this one by Canon (powershot S5):

Canon PowerShot S5 IS Digital Camera - 2077B001 -

Anyways.. I'll end my babbling because I don't know what I'm talking about.. and b/c a client is here.

thats exactly what I've got, and you can find it pretty reasonable if you look around. I couldn't be happier with it. and if you've not picked up a new one by spring castle, I'll definately have mine there and you'll be more then welcome to play around with it, if you make it this time :P

for a quick and dirty trial run, they've got the S5 in almost every office max and target that I've been in, just give it a few quick shots to see how it feels for you. then buy it online for $100-150 less then they're selling it for at the store
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