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Store Cleanout

my friends own a small sports shop and times aren't so great thanks to walmart and online retailers, so i'm trying to help them get some sales. Absolutely no money is going to me, im just trying to help my friends and support a privately owned local business. All items are brand new unless specified. as of this moment the only payment accepted are USPS money orders. shipping costs depend on the weight of an item(s), so contact me and i'll let you know. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO TRADES WHATSOEVER!

All guns use genuine Tippmann/SpecOps parts

Tippmann X7 AK
-AK Foregrip
-AK Front Site
-AK magazine/well
-Commando Air Through Stock
-14" Pathfinder Barrel


-Commando Stock
-SD Shroud
-MP5 Mag to bottle adapter
-Tippmann 14" Sniper barrel


A5 Stealth
-Flatline Barrel
-Tippmann Collapsible Stock
-Tippmann Rmote Setup


98custom AK


Psycho Ballistics Drop On/Off:$20+shipping
Atomic Elbows:$5+shipping
Tippmann aluminum Sl-68 hopper adapters:$6+shipping

Spyder bottom offset to standard adapters:$9+shipping
Spyder trigger shoes:$10+shipping
CP mini rails: $20+Shipping
-1 dust black
-1 dust silver
Spyder T-Sliders:$20+shipping
-1 chrome
-1 black
R&D spyder TL vert adapter: $10+shipping

Black Empire Barrel Condoms:5+shipping
Red & Blue NXE Barrel Condoms:6+shipping
-best i've ever used
-many available

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