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Lone Ranger.... I will keep the D80 in mind as well. My thing is I know the lens fit I just want to make sure they work. I am starting to like the Nikon option. If the lens do not work out that might be better for my wife in case she is shooting film with a lens I want to use. There are only 2 available. A 28-70MM and a 75-300MM. At one point she wanted something like a 150-450 range lens. She liked her 300MM when we were on Hawaii but some shots she said it would have helped to have a bit more range.

As for the Canon option, it seems some people are 50-50 on the idea. I would look into the Rebel XTi myself. It looks like a descent camera. It should be easy to use for me and the wife. Also depending were we go, we might be able to get the financing plan. Don't know.

My wife and I were talking and we would like to do something shortly. I don't know who said it but the XTi might be a female minded design. That might be good for my wife when she needed to use the camera.

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