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Brand new Ariakon Overlord Holster and Nitroduck 150 ball pods

I got the holster in a package deal a few weeks ago. Its a bit large for my pgps though and I'm not big into holsters myself anyway. SO, away it goes! Its got two leg straps and a belt strap, all with clips. It has a pouch for spare 12grams as well as a pouch for a spare magazine. Its really well designed. Good for a pistol of that size. The first $31 (shipped) takes it. I will also do trades. Remember, this thing is brand new. I havn't even put it on.

I'm also selling three (3) 150 ball Nitroduck pods. They are also brand new, and nicley designed. They are all black, and the lids flip open and snap shut comfortably. I guess the first $10 takes them. It might be a little more depending on where you live. I'll also take trades on these.

EDIT: First $37 shipped takes the whole lot

Now for pics!

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