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When did they start making them? 97 i think, at least thats when I recall the ads appearing. they were BPS's response to the westwoods.

When did they stop? I think around the end of 2001/early 2002 I bought my Lite in 2001 I think.

How many differant models? Im not talking colors just body styles.
I know they had 3 styles, The standard, the SP lite? then the clamshell. Any others? I also know they had left feed, vert, and Ive seen a few right feeds
They also had full, mini and p block.

The standards and clamshells were the complete guns up until the final selloffs, and were build to order so there were a few options available.

The lites were the body kits and were sold stand alone until the end when a few were sold as complete guns. the lites always had full pre2k style blocks.

This is a lite compared to the above standards. you can see the milling differnce in the body windows and site rails.

Interestingly, the old site's faq always claimed they could not mill your cocker, but later added they could mill it to a lite. there were a lot of rumors that the twisters were not WGP bodies, and during the drought of vert feeds in 97-98, it would be no suprise they looked for alternatives.

So anybody know how many of each make and model? No idea, the clamshells were the rarest, supposidly requiring a lot of extra time, th elites were only produced for a short time.

And how many total? No idea, but based on the number i see for sale, i'd say on the order of twice as many as westwoods.

oh, and if anyone knows where my twister sandridge is, I'll offer a reward. I really want that gun back. and if you want to see more twisters, I reccomend Firepro84's site, just go to currently owned.
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