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Originally Posted by SEKTape View Post
Paint and CO2 are the only things you'll need.

Detent rings or a barrel kit of some sort (Frantom, J&J, Lapco, etc.) would help, but anything beyond that is something you'll have to decide for yourself based on how the gun feels to you when you use it. That's a nice looking setup, and it should work well for you.
Originally Posted by Unimoose1 View Post
Detent rings, paint and air are all you need. See how you like it before you start swapping parts.

Thanks guys. I am thinking long term, as I haven't played with it yet, and may decide to keep it as is after all. I just wanted to see what was popular, and what some others had done. Thanks!

BTW, are detent rings CCI, or are there multiple makes, or what?
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