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Okay this last weekend I played MXS Blanding Siege of Stormwynd. This is the first time my Pyre has been played. The Pyre is an Oak with an added 45 trigger frame. I utilized the 10.5" stock brass barrel with Wedgits. For air I ended up using a 45/45 HPA bottle with a 800 psi output reg. The bottle is bottm line mounted going through a Pro-Line Gas through Knuckles [thanks Thumper]. No secondary regulator for this gun. I intend to use the Pyre with CO2 eventually but I did not get time to install my anti-siphon tube before the event. For a hopper I used a vintage Whaler and for sighting I used my trusty old ADCO 1" Ranger red dot sight.

Saturday morning for intial chronographing of the Pyre: For this event max velocity was 275 fps. When I got to the chrono my very first 3 shots were 271 fps, 271 fps and 271 fps. Since the velocity was close and so steady I decided to leave well enough alone and stay there.

The game started and I went "running and gunning" with my teammates getting a few eliminations and getting eliminated myself. After a couple of hours we made it to the third story of the "American Hotel" where I could start really testing out consistancy and accuracy. Well let me say so far I have been very impressed with the smoothness of the action and the trigger. Though the trigger is a little lighter than I prefer [I like heavy triggers]. The pump stroke feels a little longer than what I'm used to with my Snipers but once I used it for a while no longer seemed to be an issue. From my 3rd story perch I was able to pick off several opponents with ease most of this due to the consistancy of the shot to shot placement. I was quickly able to site my gun on a specific target and pull off some "one shot one kill" eliminations.

After being in my corner room for a good while a friendly ref came by to perform some random checking of velocity. Well when I fired across his chrono it read 271 fps. Remember what I was chronoing earlier in the morning? It was 271 fps. To me this is most likely why my shots were being so constistant in placement all morning.

I basically had a great time using my new toy. She shot well, was consistant, light weight even given using a brass barrel and easy to use. I've really had to do no real tinkering with this gun other than setting up the air system on her. She is essentially being used straight out of the box and performs very well. By Sunday she had dropped a little in velocity down to 265 fps from the original 271 fps. I'm assuming this is from the spring pack in the regulator settling in. One minor tweek to the regulator and she was up to 273 fps and near rock steady. I'm looking forward to doing some more playing with her and seeing how she continues to get smoother with use.

  • Unique [not many around yet ]
  • Light Weight
  • CONSISTANT shot to shot
  • Well balanced
  • Accurate

  • Little loud with a 10.5 unvented barrel
  • Pump Stroke takes some getting used to coming from a Sniper
  • Not Cheap
  • Lack of Thumb Screw to facilitate removal of barrel in the field [Easily fixed with a visit to Hardware Store]

Soon to follow modifications:
  • 2 - 12" dual spiral vented barrels [one .690, one .685 both with wedgits]
  • Hardline plumbing
  • Thumb screw to replace allen headed screw for barrel clamp

---------More to follow

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