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You're going to like having those 2 dual vented 12" barrels.

That's essentially the same thing I did with my blazer. I got a .690 12" dual vented and a .685 12" single vented, though. Both wedgitted. Still have yet to shoot the 12" single vented (single vented to help me better ID the .685 besides the "ring" near the breech end....and because it was meant to be my backup barrel should paint be too small....didn't want to blow the bank as badly as I did with my dual vented 12").

Man, keep the stories and pics coming. I HAVE to have something to tide me over till MY Pyre gets here (HURRY UP USPS! Wevo shipped from same area in Florida and HIS package is almost here, why can't you hurry up with my PYRE!!!!). Even the additional goodies from PPS beat it here (t-handle pump, barrel knobs, pygmy drop, macroline fittings, gas-thru foregrip, and nickle sight-hood).
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I just love being able to kill absolutely every living thing in a small room, including myself.
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