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I'd like to chime in with my agreement about involvement.

I started playing when I was almost 18 and at first my dad was against it (not vehemently, he just didn't see the point and thought it was a waste of my time and money), but my mother saw it as a good way for me to get out of the house when it wasn't swim team season. So, my dad caved, but took no interest. He warmed up eventually, but that expressed itself as "did you have fun? that's good." and listened when I'd tell field stories and such. Still won't play, though (and now he has a reason: his cyatica (sp?) bothers him too much for him to be that active all at once lest he really wants to suffer later in the day). Then again, I've been away from home during most of my time playing paintball (didn't get REALLY into the sport till I was in college). Still, if there's one thing that could improve the past pball experiences it would have been if my dad had been out there with me on the field (or even just there at the field taking pictures or something) playing.

So, to fathers: if you child wants to play and continues to show interest/love for the sport, one of the BEST things you can do to help strengthen the bond you have with them is to play with them. Get out there and take hits with/from them, and dish it out equally. Just get out there and have fun WITH them. Something I really envy when I see it is a father/son or father/daughter pair coming off the field equally dirty or covered in paint (or the dad being lit up, and his kid having that gleeful grin of having pulled an amazing elimination), and both smiling. It's a wonderful gift to give your child.
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