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Originally Posted by Moosepatrol View Post
The one interesting theme I found in this theme in this thread is everyone suggesting semi's to start on with kids. My boys have yet to fire a semi. They have only shot pumps for practise in the backyard, and their first game coming up will be pumps only. I believe this to be a better way to introduce kids to paintball. Slower pace, better grasp of tactics and teamwork, and a lot less paint in the air. Not to mention the cost factor, Anyone starting out should try to have their kids in a pump only night at their field.
I totally agree, you have to start with the fundimentals ( well at least if your going to raise kids with the same respect and appriciation for the sport we share) It mite sound strange but for the young ones a bigger marker is a little better too, not only does it give alittle more hard cover, but they will deffinitly build upper body strenth. I hope this thread doesnt evolve into how to genetically create the perfect paintball kid !
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