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[QUOTE=Sir Brass;324125]Just make sure you get them a good pump. It may even be more expensive if you buy a new GOOD pump compared to buying a GOOD new semi (like an m98). However, the investment is worth it.

My FIRST pump experience was with a BE Blade. Turned me off to pump for so long, [QUOTE]

I've been playing so long the only affordable guns were pumps! I agree it's a great way to start and practice making your shots count as opposed to "spray & pray"; however, it's hard to be the only kid out there with a pump when all the little agglets (and big Aggs) are using semi's....

As for affordable, besides Brass Eagle, who should be commended for still producing a pump, you can still buy the Maverick for under $100 new, which is a much better weapon!

I did see a guy using a Blade during a BIG game last month and he was having a field day with it! More power to him!

I'm still using my Line SI Skrimish SI and my PGP occasionally!
But I must admit, my new Invert Mini is very nice and extremely accurate and quiet.

Play often, play safe!
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